Sunday, 14 September 2014

Live simply

Surely there is no bright side to having your life destroyed by M.E? 

Yesterday on FB a mindfulness friend of mine posted this picture: 

Before I was ill I did none of these things. And yes, it is truly awful feeling this level of rubbishness day after day. But... I cannot help but see the positives too. This quote couold be describing me on certain days, with nowhere to be, no pressures or responsibilities and every opportunity to just simply be. 

On certain days, when my mind feels good, and I have meditated and enjoyed the still, when I have things to do such as some crafting or an old film, things could be nice. I mostly have no-one to share this with though as most of society is out working, but sometimes, just sometimes, it feels pretty good to have nowhere to be, nothing to do and time just to be.

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