Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Hello P45

Dear P45,

I managed to delay you for a while but you have arrived to darken my doorstep. 

It was great, the working life, I loved it, I really did! But when I got sick so suddenly and severely I had no option. I did everything I could to get out of the hospital and back to work as soon as I could, I clawed my way back over many, many months to working part time. 

But it didn't work.

I tried it all. Working alternate days with a rest day in between. Lighter duties. Working in the mornings only. Working in the afternoons only. You tried to help me but nothing worked and I just got worse and worse. Then the other health issues got worse. I thought I'd be back after the operations, but I just couldn't get well enough again. 

You did what you could, but you couldn't employ someone who simply wasn't well enough to do their job, or any other job. It was all over.

So, here you are. My ticket to unemployment. The end of my career. 

Hello P45. 

Yours regretfully, 

Louise x


  1. Oh Louise, how tough for you. I do hope that you find something that you can do to relax and enjoy this extra time. I too am unable to work due to lupus and Fibromyalgia. Thankfully I love making things so not only does it keep me busy but I also try to make as many gifts as I can as my way of helping with the finances. I find it really hard not being able to help others, instead being the one having to accept help. I try to do little things like sending a text message or a little card to cheer someone's day! I do hope you manage to find your little niche. Look after yourself. Sharon. Xx

    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond Sharon. Luckily I too have found my creativity, and spend my days crafting when well enough. I also love making things for others. So more time to do all that now!