Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A new blog name :)

The blog has had a rename..... as feedback was that not many people had heard of the phrase "this is me since yesterday". It is a well known phrase in Glasgow... however..... not elsewhere it would seem! 

I also wanted to take the name M.E out of the blog title as the blog is less about the specific illness and more about how I cope with the situation that I find myself in. Yes I have M.E and my symptoms and limitations are mainly defined by this horrible illness. But I also have other medical issues into the bargain. I am not clear which illness contributes most to which symptoms (and neither are the medics). And just the same as if you were talking to me face to face, I wouldn't be focused on talking about my illnesses. So it seems like a  good idea all round to change the name. 

I can do a lot more when I'm lying down. I often say that I could travel the world if I could afford to go first class and have a bed. Perhaps I should start saving now!! 

So here I am, Girl Horizontal. And yes, I'm typing this in bed! 


  1. Hello Girl Horizontal! Loving the idea behind the name change, although I like the old name too - even if I didn't realise it was a popular phrase up your way xx

  2. Great new name, although down here in Kent I've have heard the expression 'This is Me since yesterday'....... so yay for horizontal blogging I'm a big fan and alway brog corchet and craft that way Clare xxx

    1. Hee hee, thanks Clare, my fellow horizontal blogger! ;)